His Sculptures

The whole collection can be taken over, except the sculptures indicated by : * *



01: Cranes on the bridge (1971)

walnut, 150 x 50 x 5 cm

Wall relief.

boekje willem10

02: Man/woman (1973)

chestnut, 58 x 35 x 35 cm

boekje willem11


03: Three to five (1975)

American oak, 150 x 64 x 10 cm

Wall relief.

boekje willem12


04: Frans I (1975)

maple, 170 x 140 x 115 cm

boekje willem13

Frans 1 because of the death of his father Frans.


05: Seattle(1977)

American oak, 240x70x70 cm


boekje willem15

A statue dedicated to Chief Seattle because of his speech to the American government in 1854. The speech tells about  the intense feeling he has, as an Indian, of being so tightly connected to and dependent of the earth and everything that lives on our planet.

At the same time he criticizes the behavior of the white man who disturbs  the harmony in nature with his superior attitude. The words of Seattle don’t only blame ‘the white man’ in his day, but went into history as an appeal against all forms of alienation, depletion and suppression.

The scull of an animal with horns shows the cycle of live and death. In the horns you can see symbols of the beginning of life.  A quote from the speech is decorating the columns.


06: Book (1978)

oak, lime tree wood and copper, 150 x 100 x 15 cm

boekje willem16

“Do read, but what you read is not what is written”. ( Martinus Nijhof)


07: Evolution (1978)

metal, oak, perspex, 220 x 100 x 100 cm

boekje willem17


08: Alta Kautokeino (1979)

model in wood, 35 x 18 x 9 cm

boekje willem19

This is the model for a big statue that was meant  to become 5 meters in height  in the north of Norway  because of Willem’s solidarity with the Sami people  against the building of a hydroelectric dam on the Alta River. This would interrupt the reindeer migration routes and would threaten their existence so dependent as they are of their reindeer and also because of the effect on the fishery in the river. Willem always wanted to realize that someday in Norway but unfortunately he was never able to go there again to fulfill that desire.


09: Game of light (1980)

model in perspex and mirror glass, 60 x 16 cm

boekje willem20


10: Lookthrough (1981)

model in perspex, wood and glass, 37 x 22 x 4 cm

boekje willem21


11: Stratification (1981)

model in Perspex and steel, 35 x 20 x 15 cm

boekje willem22


12: Family matters (1980)

American oak,  different composed kinds of wood and polyester, 145 x 140 x 25 cm

Wall relief.

boekje willem23


13: The Way (1985)

oak, beech, tropical hardwood, bronze, stone and steel, 350 x 150 x 140 cm

boekje willem24

“The road and its reverse side that everyone has to go in his lifetime.”


14: Culture-prize of the municipality of Elst (1987)

bronze, 60 x 22 x22 cm

boekje willem26

Based on the Trias Politica of Montesquieu.


15: Apocalyps (1989)

oak and steel, 700 x 400 x 400 cm

This sculpture not only wants to tell you about the fate of mankind, the Holocaust and other disasters, but also about spirituality, power , renewing and hope. Willem said about it: “The sculpture can’t be made small, it has to be big enough to confront ourselves.”

boekje willem30

boekje willem28

“It takes you into the world of Willem Massa.” (Han Rouwenhorst)


16: Amazon (1992)

oak, 100 x 45 x 43cm

boekje willem31

17: Above ground level (1993)

oak, 130 x 125 x 53 cm

boekje willem32


18: The Worlds (1994)

oak, 180 x 143 x 96 cm

boekje willem33


19: The parliament (1999)

bronze, copper, steel and concrete

boekje willem34

“Do we eat the earth completely or do we leave something behind for future generations?”


20: Gordian knot (1997)

oak, 160 x 240 x 370 cm

boekje willem35

A quest to find your own identity


21: www dot com (2000)

oak, maple and copper, 120 x 50 x 35 cm

boekje willem36

“The scull breaks open by an overkill of information.”


22: Lovestatue (2001)

oak, 100 x 84 x 35 cm

boekje willem37

This statue is also mould in bronze and is to be seen in the Amshoff (a B&B) in Kiel-Windeweer, Groningen.


23: Relation (2002)

oak, 200 x 65 x 45 cm

boekje willem38


24: Heavyweight (2004)

bronze, 40 x 25 x 35 cm

to be seen in the Amshof (B&B) in Kiel-Windeweer, Groningen.

boekje willem39


25: Deportation (2005)

lime wood, 100 x 55 x 45 cm

boekje willem41


26: Course of life (2005)

oak, 152 x 70 x 68 cm

boekje willem42


27: Dementia (2006)

oak, electricity wire, 120 x 100 x 70cm

boekje willem43


28: The Cartesians (2007)

pear wood, 195 x 90 x 75 cm

Willems’ last sculpture unfortunately stayed unfinished.

boekje willem45

“Nothing distracts the monks of their spirituality : they live in the beauty of order and peace and in harmony  with God and the World.”


photography by Pieter Claessen